HxGN SMART Build Empowers the Field

Connecting workflows and innovating processes.

Siloes of communication between the office and field can have serious impacts on the delivery of construction processes and timelines. Enabling the field with mobile technology allows for enhanced connectivity through the planning and execution of highly complicated construction projects. As the industry moves towards modernizing processes, investing in technology and analyzing processes to improve workflows, the importance of breaking down the existing barriers is critical.

HxGN SMART Build connects the office and the field from the planning to the execution phase of construction. In the planning process models, budgets and schedules are combined in a modern, cloud-based environment in the office before being shared with the field. They are assigned and distributed to the field via mobile packages of work, or work packages, a method SMART Build is introducing into the construction industry that enables all the components created in the planning stage to be bundled and communicated to the field via mobile devises.

As the execution phase continues, the work packages can be updated as changes are made. In addition, the feedback loop of real-time progress from the field to the office is digitally connected via the cloud and is automatically compared against the existing schedule. As this occurs, the progress is reported in Gannt chart views, spreadsheet-like screens, project performance dashboards and are visualized as color-coded virtual models. The field can now accurately communicate all work completed, as well as create and resolve issues collaboratively.

Managing budgets through construction with the constant influx of invoices and change orders from the field is a challenge in itself.  Just analyzing the financial status of a project without taking into account the schedule status is only a partial view of the true project status. The SMART Build | Project Controls solution provides an integrated solution for creating a baseline budget with a controlled change process and automated actual cost input. This allows contractors to not only have insight into up to the minute project status, but also have the cost to complete/forecast at their fingertips as it is automatically calculated. In addition, true project performance or earned value is calculated which takes into account the cost and schedule aspects of the project.

SMART Build also enables BIM to be taken to the field in an actionable way with its digital layout capabilities. Construction layout points can be added to virtual models in an easy to use model viewing environment lowering the barrier of entry to BIM for field teams.  Digital layout points and models are synced with robotic total station field software for precise placement of construction onsite with dramatic productivity gains. When quality assurance checks are performed with robotic total stations, the as-built points are then fed back into SMART Build and verified against the model in a collaborative environment so any quality issues can be resolved quickly to avoid unexpected downstream rework and change orders.

Connecting workflows and innovating processes – HxGN SMART Build allows field workers to effectively, intelligently and simply manage their work and report on progress. Now that’s shaping smart change.

Cathi Hayes
HxGN SMART Build Business Development Director

Cathi HayesCathi Hayes is the Global Business Development Director of HxGN SMART Build at Hexagon PPM. She focuses on helping building contractors achieve greater success in managing complex construction projects via the cloud through the adoption of leading-edge pre-construction planning and field execution productivity solutions. Cathi is a trusted BIM advisor and a leading voice on BIM throughout the global construction industry. She holds Architecture degrees from North Carolina State University and the University of Kansas. Cathi is an architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and strategy leader with more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing workflow improvements in various facets of the building design and construction industry.

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