Suhas Jadhal

Shaping smart change by improving productivity and performance

Suhas Jadhal joined the HxGN SMART Build team a little more than a year ago during its inception across the globe. As Business Development Manager working from the Dubai office, he helps construction executives understand the benefits SMART Build brings to their entire organisation by connecting and simplifying the construction management process.

Prior to joining Hexagon, Suhas held a senior position in the Autodesk Consulting organisation. He made the switch to Hexagon partially due to friends’ recommendations. ‘Many of my friends worked for Intergraph, now Hexagon,’ says Suhas. ‘I noticed immediately their loyalty towards the company. Some had been here for almost a decade.’

Suhas has long had a keen interest not only in technology itself, but also how it can be used to improve productivity and even quality of life. He earned a B.E. from the Government College of Engineering in India, followed by a MBA from India’s National Institute of Construction Management & Research. He is also certified in the U.K. in Building Information Modelling (BIM), BIM Implementation and Management and Project Management by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

In his personal life, Suhas’ highest priority is his family. He and his wife, who is a project control manager, have two children: a boy, 6 and a girl, 2. He also volunteers with the Namm Foundation, which provides aid to poor farmers across India, as well as with several other charities. Other interests include playing cricket and watching Bollywood movies.

Suhas’ drive to excel is exemplified in what he describes as his craziest moment with co-workers. Having never gone bowling in his life, he joined a bowling team and immediately made the highest score. As in all pursuits, he enjoys progressing at a fast pace, quoting Mario Andretti: ‘If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.’

Suhas Jadhal is shaping smart change by solving business problems to improve building construction productivity and performance.

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