Jonathan Ng

Shaping smart change by leveraging disruptive technology

Jonathan Ng came to Hexagon PPM in November 2016 and is Sales Director of AEC solutions for the Asia-Pacific region. Having watched productivity in the construction industry lag behind other industries worldwide, he took a keen interest in how HxGN SMART Build tackles this challenge by connecting bi-directional information from the field to the office.

‘So much money is spent in this industry and most of the time, it’s not going anywhere or driving any change,’ he says. ‘We’re going to completely change that.’

Jonathon enjoys interacting with people, listening to their problems and helping them solve challenges. He appreciates every opportunity to act as a consultant, and views himself as a sales person who must fully understand the product. He’s passionate about disruptive technologies like SMART Build and the positive impact they have on the building construction management process.

Before joining Hexagon PPM, Jonathan worked for RIB Software in Singapore. He earned a BSc in Computing & Information Systems at the University of London and a MBus in Information Technology from Curtin University in Australia. He also spent time in the Air Force.

When he’s not on the job, Jonathan enjoys traveling for pleasure with his wife and two sons, and volunteering with them by distributing food to less fortunate families. He also enjoys football, known as soccer in the U.S., and is a Manchester United fan.

Jonathan is excited about boosting productivity in all areas of building construction, and notes that SMART Build adds value over BIM-only software. He sees value as an important asset that goes two ways – it’s important to add value by solving customers’ problems; in turn, they value Hexagon team members as problem-solvers who make their lives better.

Jonathan Ng is shaping smart change by leveraging Hexagon’s disruptive technologies for good.

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